PLEASE read this page carefully!! The information here should answer all of your questions. If, however, you have a question that is not addressed, or you need further clarification regarding any of the information given here, please contact me. I can be reached by email at or you may reach me by phone at 617-259-0883.


Where are you located?

I am located at 21 Central Square, Chelmsford, MA. My studio is right across from Fishbones Restaurant in Chelmsford Center. It is 5 min from I495 if traveling from out of town. Booking clients will receive detailed directions to my studio.


How do I book the session?

Simply click on one of the BOOK NOW buttons or links on the main SANTA page and follow the directions. Make sure you fill in all information completely and correctly. During the booking process, you will be asked to sign, stating that you have read all of the information contained on this page. After booking:

  • you will receive a questionnaire through email that must be filled out prior to your session
  • A session agreement to sign
  • you will choose the date and time for your order session
  • you will receive my full product and price list
  • Wardrobe Guide


How much does it cost?

  • The booking fee/retainer is $150. This is a non-refundable fee.
  • There is a $250 minimum order requirement for all sessions.

Prints and print products must be purchased separately during your personal order appointment. Wall art starts at $290, albums start at $855, gift prints start at $95.


What does the booking fee/retainer cover?

The $150 booking fee/retainer reserves your spot on the calendar and covers Santa and the assistant’s fee. If you miss your session or cancel at the last minute, Santa and the assistant still have to be paid therefore this fee is nonrefundable.


What is your cancellation policy?

Booking fees/retainers are nonrefundable. Once you have booked your session, please place your date and time on your calendar and plan around your scheduled time. I expect all sessions to book early so should you have a conflict with your time it is unlikely there will be an open slot available that would allow a schedule change.


What happens if my child is sick on his session date?

If your child is sick, please notify me ASAP. Do not show up for your session with a sick child. Any child who is obviously sick will not be allowed to enter the studio. I reserve the right to check everyone’s temperatures upon arrival. In the event that your child is sick on the day of his session, I will do everything possible to reschedule. If that is not possible, your booking fee can be applied to a future session. Failure to show up for your session for any reason will result in a forfeiture of your booking fee/retainer.


How long is the session?

Sessions are scheduled 1 hour apart. Time in the studio with Santa will average 20 to 30 minutes. No session will exceed 40 minutes as time is needed in between sessions to wipe down props.


What are the age requirements?

The Santa experience is most suitable for children over the age of 3. If you have a child approaching the age of 3 or have multiple children and one child is under the age of 3, please feel free to call me for a consultation before booking. Your child needs to be able to interact with Santa. Age is not necessarily the deciding factor on how well any child will do with Santa. You know your child and your child’s personality better than anyone. Come dressed accordingly in case you need to be in the photos.


What should my child wear?

Since this is a very stylized session with the goal of creating beautiful artwork and storybook albums that you will keep for a lifetime, I highly recommend that you adhere to the suggested dress code. You have the option of dressing your children in pajamas, casual, or dress attire. A wardrobe guide will be emailed to you after booking.


When do I get to see the images?

After your Santa session, you will return for your personal order session. During the order session, you will view a selection of images and order your prints and products. My goal is to make it easy for you to get what you love in a pressure-free atmosphere. I walk you through the entire process and help guide you to select the products that are best suited for display in your home. After booking, watch your email for a questionnaire that you will need to fill out and submit before your portrait session. On this questionnaire, you will choose the date and time you wish to return for your order session.


How do I place an order?

All orders will be placed during the order session so it is very important that all decision-makers be present during this appointment. It is recommended that you not bring young children to the ordering appointment. I have allotted 1 ½ hours for this process. As with the portrait session, it is important that you arrive on time.


What products do you offer?

Product offerings include a leather-bound, limited edition storybook album, classic albums, heirloom framed fine art wall portraits, wall portraits available on acrylic, metal, or suede canvas, image boxes, gift prints, and more.


When do I pay for my order?

A $250 minimum order is required on all sessions which can be paid when booking. When you arrive for your order session, you will have a $250 credit that will be applied to your order total. All orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering. I accept checks, cash, credit, and debit cards. All sales are final. Once an order is sent to my lab I can not make any changes.


How long will it take to get my prints and products?

Once you place your order, please allow up to 8 weeks for your product to be ready for pickup. You will be notified once your order is ready. All orders will be available for pickup at my studio. The goal is to have your products ready before Christmas.


Do you provide digital files?

You will receive a watermarked digital file sized for social media sharing of each photo that you order. I do not offer a digital-only photo package.


What if I want to use one of the photos to order Christmas Cards?

I offer different quantities of Christmas cards. If you would like to print your own cards, you do have the option of purchasing a digital copy of any photo ordered for print.


Can the parents watch?

Yes, but quietly! Once you enter the studio, there will be a specific spot where the parent/s will be allowed to sit and quietly observe. Parents must turn off all cell phones before entering the studioAbsolutely NO photos or videos are to be taken during the session. Parents are to remain quiet and refrain from interacting with or giving directions to the children during their time with Santa. Santa, his assistant, and the photographer are all trained to work with the children. Our goal is to create and maintain a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for the children with the goal of capturing natural expressions, whatever those might be! Our hope is that the children will be focused on Santa and their magical time with him and not on the parents. No coaching whatsoever is allowed from the parents.


Can I take my own photos or video during the session?

NO, All cell phones must be turned off before entering the studio. I encourage you to sit back and enjoy watching your children experience the magic of Santa during their session. I know your children are going to look adorable dressed for their time with Santa and that you will want to capture your own cell photos but PLEASE refrain from taking photos of your children until after their time with Santa. Young children have a very limited attention span.


Can the parents be included in any of the photos?

Yes, towards the end I will allow parents to join their child/children for a quick photo. Please refer to the wardrobe guide if you want to be included in a photo.


Can I book a session for more than one family (Grandma wants to book a single session for all her grandchildren)?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the size of my set and the space needed for Santa and the children, my studio can not accommodate large groups. Only 2 adults will be allowed to accompany a child/children to the studio for the session.

A bigger issue is that with a large group of children, specifically younger children, a one-time slot is not enough time for each child to be able to interact with Santa. These sessions are designed to be an interactive experience with Santa, not a posed family photo. If you would like to book a regular portrait session on this set for your family, please contact me with an inquiry.


Can the grandparents come to watch?

Because of limited studio space, only 2 adults will be allowed. If you are a single parent and wish to bring a grandparent, you may certainly do that or if one parent can’t come and you wish to bring a grandparent in his place that is acceptable as well.


Can my child bring his favorite toy with him?

Yes. If your child has a small toy he is attached to that provides comfort for him, then by all means let him bring it. However, please keep in mind that large-sized items can impede my ability to capture your child’s face, and trying to remove or rearrange these items for photos will only serve the purpose of upsetting him. I would limit toys to one, keep them small, and try to choose an item that will blend with the aesthetics of the set.


Can I bring a gift for Santa’s bag?

Absolutely!! If you wish, please bring a small, wrapped gift for each child with her name on the tag. Place the wrapped gifts in a bag and present them to the greeter when you arrive. We will slip the gifts into Santa’s bag. Towards the end of your time with Santa, he will reach in his bag and present each child with their gift.


Do you allow pets?

Maybe, but please keep in mind that session time is limited and unless your pet is highly trained, any pet can distract from the children’s time with Santa. If your pet is a service dog then yes, as long as the dog is trained and well behaved. Any pet must be up to date on all vaccinations, freshly bathed, and recently treated for fleas. You will be asked to fill out a separate waiver to include any pet. Please contact me to discuss including a pet.


What happens if I am running late for my appointment?

If you see that you are running late, you must text me asap. I will not be monitoring email during session times so please do not email. Any family running more than 10 minutes late for their session may have to forfeit their time or have their session time cut short. Booking fees/retainers are nonrefundable.


What happens if my child is afraid of Santa?

One of the benefits of having a private session is that your child will have ample time to warm up to Santa. My Santa and his assistant, most time Mrs Claus, are both wonderful with children so please allow them time to interact with your child (we have a few tricks up our sleeves). If needed, one, or both parents may be asked to join the child and sit next to Santa. If you know that you have a child who is especially shy or might be hesitant, please come appropriately dressed to join your child for photos if needed. We will patiently work with your child to ensure that he/she has an enjoyable experience resulting in photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. However, the maximum amount of time we can spend with any child/family is 45 minutes.


What is your policy regarding Covid-19?

Every effort will be made to keep the studio clean and sanitized. Sessions are scheduled to allow time in between families to spray and wipe down common areas and props, therefore it is imperative that you adhere to your specific session time. I reserve the right to check temperatures before allowing anyone accesses to the studio.