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Not just a Santa Visit – a Santa Experience

A Santa Visit unlike any Santa visit your child has ever experienced

From the first glimpse of Santa to finding their name on his nice list,
children are transported into Santa’s Magic world.

During your visit the kids will explore Santa’s workshop,
help him make toys and even plan his trip around the globe.

The Santa Experience creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Our photographers will capture each moment for you to enjoy forever.
Treasure these memories in beautiful photos or create a storybook featuring your child’s visit.

Be part of Santa’s Magical Workshop

Christmas Magic

Believing is easy when you get to visit Santa is his workshop and be a part of his day building toys and checking lists

Personal Time with Santa in his workshop

No mall. No rush. No lines.
Just you and Santa and some time to talk about what makes Christmas Special

Priceless Memories to Cherish forever

Kids grow up fast. Don’t let this special time slip away. Bring the magic of Christmas home forever.

Imagine being part of the Christmas Magic

The magic starts with a Personalized “Golden Ticket” To visit Santa’s Workshop

Imagine the excitement when you receive the “Golden Ticket” to Santa’s Workshop for a visit!

Personalized invitations sealed with a wax stamp are sent to your child. Golden Tickets for each child.

From the first glimpse of Santa when you arrive, every moment is magic.

  • Santa “knows” your name
  • Santa talks with you about your daily life and knows all your friends
  • Santa knows all your favorite activities
  • The Santa experience lets your child drift into the magic and believe

Santa spends personalized time visiting with your child and having fun.

  • Santa and your child can spend time reading books or playing with toys.
  • Santa will help your child find their name on the naughty and nice list. Watch as they glow with excitement.
  • Santa lets your child know that he is getting ready and shows your child where they live on his map

The Santa Experience captures the imagination of your child and
brings the magic to life with a personalized visit.
No rushing. No lines.

Christmas is special.

The Santa Experience captures the magic forever.


These are STUNNING! The detail in the photos, along with the soft touch to make it look like an oil painting is so unique. Thank you so much for your time, this was a magical experience.


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